Tips to Find the Best Salon

Finding a salon that provides amazing services to your hair can be complicated, whether you have been natural a few weeks or forever. There are a lot of stories about curly women feeling not satisfied with their experience.  


So, here are some tips that you could use to find the best salon for you. 

  • Ask Your Friends 

Check where your coworker or friend got their hair done and which salon they used if you have a coworker or friend that has a hair you admire. There is nothing greater than a personal suggestion. That is how most women find the best stylist and salon. If your friend has the same hair as yours, this works best. 

  • Check Out Nearby Salons 

Location means nothing of course. However, you might as well pick the best hair salon near your workplace or home. See how the salon welcomes their clients as you walk past them. Are the hairstylists looking after clients or gossiping? Is the salon clean? 

  • Call The Salon 

Select 1 or 2 salons you like and see how courteous they are on their phone. The best salons are as cautious about training and choosing their receptionists as they’re about getting the best hairstylists. Does the receptionist will to book you an appointment for consultations? Do they rush you? How does the receptionist treat you? Ask which hairdresser will be the best for the hair type you have and the hair treatment type you’re looking for. The receptionist usually must have a great idea.  

  • Have a Consultation 

Book appointments, if possible, for consultations where you could talk about the plans you have for your hair and what the hairdresser thinks about it. You must ask for the hairdresser’s idea too, especially if you aren’t sure what hairstyle suits you or what you want. The best stylist has greater ideas even if you do.  

  • Start Small 

First, do not book a full restyle to your hair if you have not tested the salon first. You could see a lot by checking out the salon while having a trim or blow dry and shampoo. Did you enjoy the entire experience? Do they keep you wait while they talk? How did they treat you? Also, you can use this appointment for a first casual consultation. You could communicate to the hairdresser about the modifications you want. 

  • Do Not Go By Price 

You must ensure of course that you could afford visits to the salon regularly. However, it is a bad sign if the salon is having customers constantly by offering special promos. The best hair salon or even a top salon would be able to maintain their customers with no problem. 

  • Progressive or Not 

Consider the type of look you’re going for when considering about finding a good hair salon in Portland. Look for a modern and edgy look in the salon décor if you want something like that. Pick a salon that has gentle and natural decors if you want to have that same look.